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Services for site maintenance

Content management means the management of the contents of an Internet resource (content), and content is everything that contains a site: text and graphic content, video and audio.

Management, Support, Content management of the site

The content management service is provided with:
Filling out a new site - after the creation of the site, its content takes place.

Filling of an existing site - support of a site: addition of the actual information with the purpose of informing visitors of a site and influence on positions of a site in search systems (search optimization).

Updating an existing site is a graphic filling the site (replacing the old design with a new one in case it becomes obsolete).

It is believed that it is the content of the site is the only source of profitability. And the more attractive the content, the faster your business will develop.

Types of site tracking:


Site audit - this is a check of the full functionality of the site, detailed analysis, diagnosis for compliance with its content, structure, code accepted requirements.

The purpose of the audit is to find out the shortcomings of the site from a technical point of view or suggest ways to improve and optimize it.

Types of audit: Technical, Visual, SEO-audit.

Technical audit composition of the site:
- search for errors in the program code;
- checking the operation of applications;
- Analysis of the speed of loading pages;
- checking for incorrect links;
- checking texts and images;
- checking for vulnerability of the site, etc .;
- site availability for search engines;
- the correctness of the display in different browsers;
- errors in structuring;
- errors in the text;
- analysis of the health of databases.

Visual audit we conduct to analyze the design of your site with the purpose of suggestions for improvement.

Composition of SEO-audit:
- analysis of traffic, visibility and status of the site in search engines;
- analysis of factors affecting the progress;
- plan for further SEO-promotion;
- target requests;
- current site positions;
- presence of backlinks;
outgoing links.

The final conclusions and recommendations we will prepare in the form of a report, through which you assess the current state of the site and the prospects for improvement.

The audit period is from 3 days.


Administration is the main point of effective development of a site with the purpose of occupying leading positions among visitors and in search engines. Constant competent updating of the information on the site is the key to prompt and correct communication with customers.

The site is a virtual showcase of the company on the Internet, therefore only a professional site administrator will be able to provide more clients and raise the attractiveness of your business to a high level through modern web technologies.

Technical support of the site:
- monitoring the site's efficiency;
- backups;
- domain name;
- hosting;
- mailboxes.

Informational support of the site:
- updating / adding new up-to-date information;
- Adaptation of content.

If you are serious about your business, then we recommend contacting us for a professional administration service.

Advantages of working with us:
1. Saving of means. Do not hire a new employee. Now it is the practice of serious companies - to apply for services to outside firms.
2. Save time. Do not need to train a new employee skills in Internet marketing, copywriting, search engine optimization, layout, etc.
3. Website support is always on time.

Maintenance of the site is a complex, serious work to maintain the site's operability at the information and technical levels and the constant updating of information.

Also you can use the service of audit, site optimization, promotion service.


Any bright and advanced site requires a good and competent textual content, otherwise it will be impossible to get a good profit. Website development is a complex procedure, which includes technical, visual and content components. Filling a site with content is filling the site with textual information and graphic images.

The graphics are filled with a professional designer who will determine the place for the design elements and give the site an ergonomic look.

Filling with content is the main tool that will attract an ordinary visitor to your site who wants to become customers and spend their money on your site.

A very laborious process is filling the online store with information about the product, so it is advisable to instruct the content manager to do it quickly and efficiently.

Turning to us as professionals, you will receive such content that will be unique and will allow your business to always be exclusive (not necessarily in the product).

And for this, you definitely need "selling" texts - content that can convince a potential client that it is your proposal that suits him and is worthy that he wants to use it. The goal of a professionally written text is to work to attract customers.

Copywriting is the creation of advertising slogans and texts for websites, which in the future will be well received by both users and search engines (SEO-Copywriting).

SEO-copywriting is the basis of the internal search engine optimization of the site.

Sharing of copywriting and methods of code optimization is always an effective means to bring the site to a very high position in search rankings, which will lead to an increase in the number of visitors to the site and to an increase in profits.

In addition to this service, you can always order the service of compiling a semantic kernel. The semantic core is requests by the target audience of the site in the search engines, concerning which in the future internal and external optimizations will be created.

Skills professional seo-copywriter:
- knowledge of search engine optimization,
- knowledge of website promotion,
- knowledge of writing articles, publications and press releases at the level of a pr-manager!

Therefore, in our studio, two specialists work on the texts: seo-master and pr-manager.

Terms of writing texts 1-2 days.


Stages of domain name registration:
1. Choosing a domain zone or a group of domain zones.
2. Selection and selection of a domain name.
3. Immediate introduction of the owner of the domain.
4. Payment for the services of the registrar for domain registration.

Domain name registration is a paid service and is registered for a period of one year.

The domain should be renewed once a year.

If the payment for the re-registration of the domain is not made after 1 year, the availability of the domain will be suspended. If within one month after the end of registration there is no payment for the domain, it will be released and available for general registration.

If you have a contract that includes technical support of the site, then our specialists will notify you in time.
When registering a domain name, you are its full owner.

The cost of registering a new domain name, or re-registration of an already existing one, depends on the chosen domain zone and registrar tariffs.

Terms of domain registration service - 1 day.
* We recommend that when registering a domain, immediately buy hosting services.


Hosting is a service of a hosting provider to provide disk space for hosting your site and maintaining its operability in the Internet. In other words, hosting services allow network users to see your site.

Recommendations for choosing a hosting:
1. We strongly recommend not using the services of cheap hosting providers. Choosing a cheap one, in the future you will be able to face the problem of permanent failures of serviceability ("fall" of the site).
2. Hosting it is desirable to choose where the domain is registered.
3. If you do not wish to trouble yourself with understanding of the phrase "Domain registration + Hosting", we will provide you with the results of this service or the full package of services "Domain registration + Hosting + Ready site".

If you choose only the service "Domain registration + Hosting", based on the results of work, we will give you the data to enter the control panel and further independent administration of the site.

If you choose the service "Domain registration + Hosting + Site", then at your choice you can use the ready site and / or start its administration.

The minimum term for the registration of a domain name is from 1 year.

The minimum period for ordering hosting services depends on the conditions of the hosting provider - usually from 1 month. It is advisable to choose a hosting period equal to the domain registration term.

The prices for the services of hosting providers are paid by you separately, the amount we will inform in the process of registrations.

Terms of our service for domain registration and hosting - 1 day.


It's no longer necessary to prove that creating groups in social networks such as Facebook, VK, Google+, Twitter, Instagram is a real opportunity to attract new visitors and potential customers, increase your own popularity, and increase sales.

To make the group interesting for the target audience, it needs to be kept up to date and developed, which means that professional content management is required, i.e. support groups in social networks should be effective, permanent and solid.

One of the services of the UniqWebTeam studio is the Social Media Group Support Service, which includes: A set of promotional measures in VK, Google+, Facebook, designed specifically for you, taking into account your current tasks and development prospects.

Effective advertising in social networks will increase the CTR and increase your personal or recognizability of your company.

Actions to support the group in social networks:
- filling of photo and video albums;
- writing news, articles, comments;
- Creation of polls, discussions, surveys;
- Correspondence with community members.

Those who join your social group will necessarily see that the group is "alive", full of the desire for communication.

The cost of community development services depends on a number of key factors and is therefore negotiated separately.


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