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What is a site and how it works

A site, or a website - one or more related web pages; also the location of the server content. Typically, an Internet site is a set of related data that has a unique address and is perceived by the user as a whole.

In order for your site to be available for viewing on the global Internet, it is NECESSARY:
- create site pages and necessary software
- register a domain name
- place the created pages of the site on the servers of the hosting provider.


Hosting is a provider service that provides resources for placing information on a server that is constantly on the network (usually the Internet).

Usually hosting is included in the package for site maintenance and implies at least the service of placing the site files on the server on which the software is running to process requests for these files.

One of the criteria for choosing a hosting is the operating system used, because this depends on the software that will support the functionality of certain services.

Hosting as a service is compared, described and evaluated by quantitative restrictions:
- the size of the disk space for user files
- the amount of monthly traffic
- the number of sites that can be placed within the same account
- number of FTP users
- the number of e-mail boxes and the amount of disk space intended for mail
- the number of databases and the size of the disk space for the database
- the number of simultaneous processes per user
- the amount of RAM, and the maximum execution time allocated to each user process

qualitative restrictions:
- free CPU resources, RAM, which affect server performance
- the bandwidth of channels, which affects the loading of information.
- remoteness of hoster equipment from the target audience of the site, which affects the loading of information.


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