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Do you already have a business, why do you need a website?

Business without a site is a bad routine job.
Search for clients is done by the manager. He calls potential customers from the list of companies, but usually from a large list he finds only a few (or none at all) really promising clients, having spent a lot of time on this. Calling the whole day on the phone, the manager spends all the time on outgoing calls and can miss the customer who calls the company and wants to buy goods or services. In order to acquaint customers with the list of goods (services), it is necessary to spend more time, print the price and send it to the client by fax or mail.

Business with the site is excellent and fast.
Customers who have access to the Internet will find you themselves and get acquainted with the list of products. The manager will focus on working with potential customers. Reduces the cost of money for calls, printing prices and catalogs.

How to create a website? Information for beginners

If you have some free time, then to create a site you need:
1. Determine the purpose of the site:
- tell about yourself, about your hobbies, about your business;
- create a page with the advertisement of your product, store, unique service;
- create a full-fledged online store;
- create a huge portal-analogue of the social network FaceBook.
2. Think about the name of the site.

In most cases, the name should contain Latin characters, the number of which can not be more than 63 characters, BUT, it is desirable to create the shortest names and the most suitable for the subject matter of the site.

In our experience, choosing a site name (or domain name) is the most difficult step when creating a website, because the programming language and website design can be changed at any time, but the site name is not.
3. Think about the text content of the site. It is very desirable and we strongly recommend to come up with texts that will not be so many, but they should be as unique as possible.
4. Be sure to select several photos of the desired subject matter for posting on the site.
5. Select the hosting services on which the created site will be located.
6. Tell us all your wishes and vision in the request.
7. Sign a contract with us and wait for the site to use.
8. Place the pages of the site on the hosting and proceed to its promotion.

If you do not have time, then we will be able to promptly help with step 1-8. Our experience will tell you how to optimally approach the implementation of the listed steps and will convince you that you are not mistaken with the choice of the site developer.

The technical side of creating websites (what is our unique specialization):
- If you do not bother to learn the basics of system analysis and programming languages, but you urgently need a working site, then entrust us with a choice in the software on which the site will be written. We guarantee that the most reliable hosting provider, a modern and productive programming language using modern DBMS will be selected.
- We will select for you the most reliable hosting service with the location of your site in the US, Europe, Russia.
- We will analyze your vision of the appearance of the site and try to implement it or improve it as much as possible.
Website promotion:
- Make a site visited is the result of a very unique and painstaking work.
- Our knowledge will allow us to create an effective advertising company and attract visitors to your site, which in the future will be able to become your customers.

* Never believe the promises of SEO specialists that they will quickly bring your site to the top 10 on Google. Of course, this can be done, but only in two cases:

a) Your site is super unique, and you produce the most unique product in the world, whose name in search engines will be almost the only one;
b) You will pay from $ 10 for one visit to your paid advertisement.

Thus, the main stages of the creation of the site, which we will do without any problems in the agreed terms and for adequate money, are:
- Objectives, Name, Design
- Development, Software, DBMS
- Choosing a Hosting
- Promotion, SEO, Promotion
- Website maintenance, Filling, Updating


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