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Services for Website Development

If you have your own business (small or large), then it should develop, and the profit should increase, but if you do not have a website, then your business does not evolve with the times.

The site and its development - in the modern world is a mandatory step not only to a successful and profitable own business, but also a way to self-promotion!

With the help of advertising on the Internet, your business can get a good flow of real customers from the global network. But if you do not have a website, then you automatically lose the possibility of full-fledged advertising on the Internet, so creating a website is MANDATORY, and website development is the first step to a successful business.

Goals of creation, Stages, Types of sites

Depending on the chosen goal, the site can be simple and inexpensive or very functional with very large capabilities, created using advanced web technologies.

Creating a high-quality site with a number of functionalities is a time-consuming process. Quickly create a site of course you can, but only if you create a template site or business card site. In other cases, it is necessary to seriously approach both the customer and the performer to perform the assigned task in accordance with the action plan below:

1. We draw up a technical task, a document that will help you to systematize your wishes and is necessary for us to unambiguously carry out the assigned task of developing the site.
2. After agreeing the technical assignment, we sign a contract for the development of the site.
3. At the agreed time, we develop a website: we create a design, make a layout, program, configure and fill it with the necessary information.
4. The ready and filled site is tested, we check up working capacity and we transfer to you.
5. At your request, we are engaged in the promotion of the site.

Website development is one of the main services of the studio "UniqWebTeam".

We use not only modern software, but also can help you understand earlier versions of software. If necessary, our specialists can execute any project and implement it on any platform.

Depending on the task and complexity of the project, we can use the so-called content management system (CMS): CMS "Joomla!", CMS "WordPress", CMS "Drupal". BUT, if your site is multi-functional, we recommend and use an individual approach to programming.

For those who do not want to waste time learning new unfamiliar words about control systems, etc. we RECOMMEND not even think about it. The result of our work will be your working site!

Depending on the purpose of creating the sites are the following types::


The business card site is your on-line business card, which millions of users of the world will see in the shortest time. This is an excellent solution for acquainting a huge number of Internet users with your services or goods and will be a good solution for private entrepreneurs, new businesses and individuals with a small budget.

The purpose of creating a business card site is to provide basic information about you or your products and services with contact details.

Who needs a business card site?

1. Those who have their own small business, regardless of its profitability.
2. Those who want to improve their image and popularity. This will be your personal page.

Business Card Characteristics:
- personal design of medium complexity;
- without complex additional accompanying elements (modules, components, plug-ins);
- consists of a small number of pages;
- Includes data on the company, contact information and the address, news.

The term of development and the cost of a business card site are the most minimal among our works, on average, the creation of a business card website takes 10 days. The price for developing a business card site may vary depending on the complexity and functionality of the site.

Site Catalogue

Site-Catalogue - contains complete information about your company's products and is characterized by a large volume of pages, sections, categories, categories, etc.

The goals of creating a catalog site are to provide Internet users and your potential customers with complete information about their products within 24 hours a day.

Sometimes the site-directory can be developed as an online store, BUT the main difference of the catalog site from the online store is the lack of a basket for online orders. When creating a catalog site, it MUST be filled with information about products and products.

Directory site characteristics:
- contains a full catalog of goods (services), i.e. data on products with a very desirable detailed description of the goods;
- contains company data, history, contacts, etc.

Terms of development of the site-catalog 2 - 4 weeks.

Terms of development and the price of the site-directory are low compared to the Internet-shop, the functionality of which allows you to make online purchases.


A corporate website is the optimal solution for the overwhelming number of companies that want to become leaders in their field of business in the future or to strengthen their positions.

The creation of a corporate website is an important step for large and medium-sized businesses, which allows you to instantly inform your customers and partners about the events taking place in the company. This is the best option for expanding the business in the most popular environment - the Internet for companies wishing to expand their field of activity, as well as for corporations having their representations in different regions of the world.

The purposes of creation of a site of corporation:
- is necessary for a full acquaintance of a potential client or partner with the company's activities;
- to organize quick and effective interaction with customers, partners, to optimize the work of personnel;
- Optimize business processes.

Corporate site characteristics:
- individual complex design;
- detailed information about the company, including history;
- availability of news section;
- price-lists, catalog of goods (services);
- information blocks for clients of partners and employees;
- feedback form;
- form of communication within the company.

In addition, companies can create multiple sites for individual units / categories and one main site.

Terms of development of the Corporate site are 2 - 4 weeks.

The term of development and the cost of the corporate site are rather low, but at the same time We guarantee the high quality of our result.


It is no longer necessary to explain that the Internet is an integral part of modern business, and the online store becomes its absolute standard. Please note that most stores that have good turnover go into the online segment.

Why pay for renting premises, keep a lot of attendants in a real store, if you can create an online store, optimize and automate your business, which saves a lot of money and your personal time. Either in addition to the real store, do not create an online store, which will lead to an increase in revenue.

Creating an online store - this is an indispensable condition of modern profitable business.

Site characteristics of the online store:
- individual complex design;
- form for online ordering;
- catalog;
- the form of orders;
- Internet trading functions.

Each online store is developed individually and uniquely for each client and can include various components at the request of the client.

The development time of the online store is from 30 working days.
The timing and cost of creating an online store are the most optimal for a sure start of sales via the Internet.


A web portal is a site / group of sites with a wide variety of content and functionality. The content of a large amount of information is directed at a certain layer of the population or like-minded people. Usually portals are devoted to one or several topics.

The goals of creating a Web portal:
- not the sale of goods or services, but the provision of additional opportunities for users who are interested in the subject matter of the site;
- provide up-to-date information and enable users of the portal to receive information in various forms.

Development of the Internet portal is a complex process, as the site is designed for a large number of visitors.

We recommend contacting our company for further technical support of the site in order to get the maximum effect of the portal.

Terms of development of a site-portal from 30 working days. The terms of creation and the price of the portal site depend on the planned possibilities.


Promo-site is an Internet project for promoting the brand, goods, services, promotions, events, events on the market.
Creation of a promo-site allows you to quickly and clearly announce your product on the Internet.

Promotional site characteristics:
- Stylish, creative and dynamic design with bright animation;
- logo and its positioning;
- feedback form;
- Guest book;
- Form of voting and rating of goods.

Achievement of the set goals is carried out by attracting a large number of visitors, so for this development, it is very important to have a competent follow-up promotion, to create a "bright" advertising company, because this is what the promotion site is for.
For the development of the promotional site includes an individual design with animation, developed using programming in modern languages.

Terms of development of a promo-site from 25 working days.


The landing page (also called the landing page) is a web page, the target of which is to collect data from the target audience. With the help of these pages you can increase the effectiveness of advertising and increase the audience. The landing page usually contains information about the product or service.

In simple words, this is one page that will replace five separate pages of the business card website.

Landing page is a guaranteed tool for turning target visitors to your site into real clients and encouraging them to target.
Analysis of user actions on the landing page allows you to determine the success of advertising.

There are four main types of landing pages:
- Autonomous landing page;
- microsite;
- the main site;
segmentation page.

Landing page types:
- advertising landing pages;
- targeted lead pages;
- "viral" landing pages.

We will analyze your wishes and offer a professional creation of the landing page with a beautiful and original design and functional modern features. As a result, the client comes to you and stays with you!


Blog - a website that contains constantly added entries with texts, images or multimedia.

The people who lead the blog are called bloggers. The totality of all the blogs of the Internet is called the Blogosphere.
For blogs, there is the possibility of posting reviews (comments) by visitors, which makes blogs a medium of network communication.

But a blog is not just a diary, it's a person, it's a tool for attracting an additional audience for many organizations, attracting additional interest in the product, which will contribute to the growth of demand.

Creating a blog for an ordinary person is a great tool for finding new acquaintances, as well as a way to make good money.

Blog functions:
- communicative function;
- self-presentation;
- entertaining;
- uniting social relations;
- Memoirs;
- self-developing;
- Psychotherapeutic;
- advertising.

Types of blogs:
- By authorship, blogs can be personal, group (corporate, club), public (open);
- in content - thematic or general;
- on location - network (on the service of blogs) and autonomous (on an independent content management system and independent hosting).

The timing and cost of creating a blog are comparable to the creation of a business card site and are the lowest - on average, to create a blog up to 2 weeks.


Web-forum - a platform for communication between users of the Internet on one topic or on several topics, depending on the specialization of the forum.

Creating a forum is useful not only for the "club of like-minded people", but also will be an effective tool for promoting a new product, service and even a new company on the Internet.

The essence of the forum is to create users of their topics with their subsequent discussion. A separate topic, in fact, is a thematic guest book. Users can comment on the topic, ask questions and receive answers, as well as themselves answer questions from other forum users and give them comments.

Subjects of forums can be the most various and is defined either by owners of a forum or its administration, or depends on a contingent of participants.

In this forum can be:
- specialized, for example, dedicated to a movie or to any genre;
- highly specialized, dedicated to any artist;
- without specialization, in this case, users themselves choose topics that are interesting to them.

Forums can exist autonomously (without binding to any site) or be part of web portals.

The term of the forum is 3 - 4 weeks.

SITE FOR TEMPLATE - from $ 30 per site

This kind of development is the cheapest and fastest, but do not think that your site will be ugly and ill-performing. Just to create it, we will apply the templates already in our disposal.

Advantages of this choice:
- cost;
- terms of creation of the finished site;
- an analogue of the home page, a simple business card site;
- contains pages with information about you, your product or store, contacts and address, a small price of your goods.

Who needs a website template?

1. Who has a small budget.
2. Those who have just graduated from the employment center with private entrepreneurship courses and are going to open their own small business, for example: a hairdresser, clothes repair, shoe repair, a bath, a shop or a cafe.
3. Those who want to create their own personal page with data about themselves and their hobbies.

Website template is your experiment to promote yourself and your business on the Internet. ALWAYS try it!

After you are convinced of the correctness of your choice, proceed to create a more solid site.

The term of development and the cost of the template site is the minimum among our works, it takes 1-2 days to create a business card site.

We strongly recommend in addition to creating a template site to purchase our website promotion services. It's really worth it.

Write to us and our experts will in detail discuss all the nuances in the development of the site, will help you quickly and correctly determine the setting of tasks for the future site.


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